How to Dispose of Unwanted Guns

If you have unwanted firearms there are legal alternatives to turning in your guns to the authorities for destruction. Please read below on proper way to dispose of an unwanted gun – You have alternatives…

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  • You can’t just throw these away; so what do you do?  Gun Orphanage will help you dispose of unwanted firearms, ammunition, and other related items.
  • Due to changing and confusing State and Federal Firearms Licensing Laws, many residents find themselves in possession of improperly licensed firearms. Did your license expire years ago, and you’re now afraid of the legal implications?
  • Elderly women are particularly vulnerable to finding themselves in possession of a gun collection due to the death of a gun-owning spouse; as are the unlicensed surviving children of gun owners. Many people find themselves “inheriting” firearms found in homes after the death of a parent; guns that they are not licensed to possess.
  • You are responsible if guns under your supervision fall into the wrong hands and an accident occurs, or if they are stolen from your home and used in a crime. Improperly securing firearms is a crime!
  • When the firearm is of some historical significance, a museum may be interested in adding it to its collection. If this is the case you should be able to get a tax receipt for a charitable donation.
  • You can sell or give your gun to someone with a valid firearms license or to a firearms dealer. The market for used firearms is fairly depressed because so many people are selling firearms; hence prices are often less than they were in the 1990s.
  • You can give the firearm to some gun club or firearms instructor for use in firearms training IF the recipient has an appropriate license. This can help shooting sports by making it easier to deliver programs and training. Many of those involved in delivering firearms training do not have the resources to purchase guns for disabling or cutting away to turn them into training aids. You can always attach whatever reasonable conditions you would like to a donation so that your generosity is not abused.

If you aren’t prepared to be a legal and responsible gun owner

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If you do not have a valid firearms license, you are committing criminal offense(s) if you possess firearms (unless you are holding firearms as the executor of an estate).

Remember, it is not legal to just give your gun to someone, it must be registered upon transfer.